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Victory Through The Word ...
TV Ministry | Airs every Monday @ 7:30a
on Channel 19, 21 WMCN

Welcome to Anointed Hands Ministries... ONLINE!
Available to you anytime here on the web. We are committed to your prayer life & your walk with Christ!

We are so grateful for your interest in this ministry and truly hope you find what you need on our site.

We would love for you to experience first hand the power of God present at Anointed Hands. We have ministry for all ages and love for all people.

Our goal is to teach the word of God with the anticipation of mind renewal which will then impact the life of the disciple of the Gospel.


Pastors Shawn & Rebecca ask you...

What are you seeking?
A church home?
Love and acceptance of a Church Family?
Freedom from man made rules?

There is a place for you at Anointed Hands Ministry! We are committed to equipping and training Gods people to take their rightful place in the Kingdom.


Humbly submitted,
Pastors Shawn and Rebecca